Jingwei Ma

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—Most of the modern hard disk drives support Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART), which can monitor internal attributes of individual drives and predict impending drive failures by a thresholding method. As the prediction performance of the thresholding algorithm is disappointing, some researchers explored various statistical and(More)
—Backup technology based on data de-duplication has become a hot topic in nowadays. In order to get a better performance, traditional research is mainly focused on decreasing the disk access time. In this paper, we consider computing complexity problem in data de-duplication system, and try to improve system performance by reducing computing time. We put(More)
Facing increasingly high failure rate of drives in data centers, reactive fault tolerance mechanisms alone can hardly guarantee high reliability. Therefore, some hard drive failure prediction models that can predict soon-to-fail drives in advance have been raised. But few researchers applied these models to distributed systems to improve the reliability.(More)
This paper modifies the traditional half bit acquisition algorithm and proposes a new algorithm for weak signal acquisition. The new algorithm can increase coherent integration time to 15 ms and the sensitivity of acquisition is improved in the new algorithm. The performance of acquisition algorithm aided by INS (Inertial Navigation System) is analyzed.(More)
—During data deduplication, on-disk fingerprint lookups lead to high disk traffic, resulting in a bottleneck. In this paper, we propose a " lazy " data deduplication method which buffers incoming fingerprints and performs on-disk lookups in batches, aiming to reduce the disk bottleneck. In deduplication in general, prefetching is used to improve the cache(More)
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