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Nitric oxide (NO) is an important signaling molecule involved in many physiological processes. In this study, the effect of NO on oxidative damage caused by high levels of light was investigated in leaves of two varieties of tall fescue (Arid3 and Houndog5). Leaves of Houndog5 were more susceptible to high-light stress than Arid3 leaves. Pretreatment of(More)
The total solids content of feedstocks affects the performances of anaerobic digestion and the change of total solids content will lead the change of microbial morphology in systems. In order to increase the efficiency of anaerobic digestion, it is necessary to understand the role of the total solids content on the behavior of the microbial communities(More)
Dissolved organic matter (DOM) is a key component in reaction network of anaerobic digestion. In this study, fluorescent excitation-emission matrix-parallel factor (EEM-PARAFAC) analysis and two-dimensional (2D) FTIR correlation spectroscopy were firstly used to explore chemical changes of soluble intermediates in high-solid biogas reactor. EEM-PARAFAC(More)
Biodrying was firstly used for post-treatment of anaerobically digested sludge (ADS) with wheat residues (WR) as bulking agents to improve its quality and reduce its amount. After 18days of biodrying, water was removed at a rate of 664.4gkg(-1) initial water at the typical ratio of ADS/WR. A separate aerobic incubation test showed that 8.11-14.84% of(More)
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