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We contribute a large scale database for 3D object recognition , named ObjectNet3D, that consists of 100 categories, 90,127 images, 201,888 objects in these images and 44,147 3D shapes. Objects in the 2D images in our database are aligned with the 3D shapes, and the alignment provides both accurate 3D pose annotation and the closest 3D shape annotation for(More)
1 Statistics We present detailed statistics of our dataset in Table 1. For each category, we list the number of objects in images and the number of 3D shapes in the dataset. For 42 categories among the 100 categories, we have additional 3D shapes from the ShapeNet repository [1]. In Fig. 1-Fig. 4, we visualize the viewpoint distributions of all 100(More)
In this paper, an improved simulation methodology for ab-initio calculation on random charging/discharging of gate oxide trap is proposed and adopted for investigation on oxygen vacancy defect in SiO<sub>2</sub> gate dielectric. Issues of unexpected high thermal barriers and oversimplified energy-position relationship of defect in conventional simulation(More)
Inverse radiation problem for one-dimensional non-uniform medium has been investigated. A stochastic particle swarm optimization algorithm (SPSO) with a stochastic selection is adopted to estimate the absorption coefficients in a one-dimensional absorbing, emitting medium. The directional radiative intensities simulated by discrete ordinate method are(More)
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