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Mechanotransduction channels mediate several common sensory modalities such as hearing, touch, and proprioception; however, very little is known about the molecular identities of these channels. Many TRP family channels have been implicated in mechanosensation, but none have been demonstrated to form a mechanotransduction channel, raising the question of(More)
The eyeless animal C. elegans is able to sense light and engages in phototaxis behavior that is mediated by photoreceptor cells. However, the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying phototransduction in C. elegans remain largely unclear. By recording the photoreceptor neuron ASJ in wild-type and various mutant worms, we found that phototransduction in(More)
A strain giving high-yields of siderophores, designated HYST, was isolated from the water of East Lake (also called Donghu Lake) of Wuhan in China. Strain HYST is Gram-stain negative, non-spore-forming and rod-shaped with polar flagella. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene and the other three housekeeping genes (gyrB, rpoD and rpoB) indicated that(More)
To develop accurate diagnostic techniques, this study examines gear dynamic responses based on a model including the frictional effect of tooth mesh process. An 8-DOF (degree-of-freedom) model is developed to include the effect of not only gear dynamics but also supporting bearings, a driving motor and a loading system. Moreover, it takes into account the(More)
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