Jingwei Fu

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For all microhelices on aromatic rings of inherently chiral calix[4]arene, an expression was derived from one approximation and one hypothesis on the basis of the electron-on-a-helix model of Tinoco and Woody as follows: 1/E = μ(H - KΔα2), where μ = 1 for the right-handed microhelix and μ = -1 for the left-handed microhelix; and H and K are constant and(More)
In the paper, an algorithm based on Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform is proposed for 1/ f process denoising. Use the variance of the wavelet coefficients at different scales to estimate the parameters of 1/ f process. Adopting Maximum a Posteriori estimator estimates the wavelet coefficients of 1/ f process. The simulation results show that the method is(More)
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