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The Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP), first formulated as a mathematical problem in 1930, has been receiving continuous and growing attention in artificial intelligence, computational mathematics and optimization in recent years. TSP can be described as follows: Given a set of cities, and known distances between each pair of cities, the salesman has to find(More)
An improved immune-genetic algorithm is applied to solve the traveling salesman problem (TSP) in this paper. A new selection strategy is incorporated into the conventional genetic algorithm to improve the performance of genetic algorithm. The selection strategy includes three computational procedures: evaluating the diversity of genes, calculating the(More)
This paper aims at developing a decision tree model to predict student performance in engineering dynamics - a high-enrollment, high-impact, and core engineering course. This study is innovative because no prior literature exists on the same topic. Three research contributions are made: 1) Nine “if-then” decision rules were generated to(More)
Equipment selection is very important for engineering design. Computer aided equipment selection strategy is proposed for engineering design process at first in this paper. The computer implementation of the strategy is discussed in details. The selection strategy is applied for the example of circuit breakers used in design process of power system. The(More)
In this paper we analyzed the restriction factor of the stack crane speed, and put forward the adaptive control method of variable speed for stacker. Using the method of neural network we established the relationship between the highest permitted speed and carrying weight, carrying height of stacker. Finally we designed the control system of stacker based(More)
This paper is involved in the optimization of line distribution network. The mathematical optimization model with the investment, power and energy losses, and the selection of the line and line location, is discussed. A hybrid optimization strategy based on the adaptive probabilistic optimization technique of genetic algorithm and population intellectual(More)
This paper in involved in the application of particle swarm optimization in the optimization problem of machining allowance of propeller. The optimization model of machining allowance of propeller is given at first, and the computer implementation on particle swarm optimization is discussed then for the optimization problem of machining allowance of(More)
This paper is involved in reactive power optimization. The combining strategy of genetic algorithm and particle swarm algorithm is proposed for the optimization problem of reactive power in this paper. It is necessary that the initial individuals are feasible ones, and good individuals are chosen as the initial particles in the combining strategy. The(More)
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