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Gametocyte proteins of Eimeria (E.) spp. are important components of the oocyst wall and some have been used to develop transmission-blocking vaccines against avian coccidiosis. Total RNA isolated from E. necatrix gametocytes was utilized as templates for RT-PCR amplification and sequencing of cDNA encoding a gametocyte protein using gene-specific primers.(More)
As an efficient parallel computing system based on MapReduce model, Hadoop is widely used for large-scale data analysis such as data mining, machine learning and scientific simulation. However, there are still some performance problems in MapReduce, especially the situation in the shuffle phase. In order to solve these problems, in this paper, a lightweight(More)
Digital Earth has the extraordinary ability of integrating multi-source, heterogeneous, multi-scale spatial and temporal information with three dimensional, dynamic and interactive features and provides abundant visualization methods of temporal analysis and statistics. A kind of novel applications were developed based on Three-dimensional Digital Earth(More)
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