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By inspiring the motion of magnetotactic bacterium, a bionic micro-machine swimming in the liquid was proposed in the paper. The bionic micro-machine is propelled by the propeller fixed onto the motor shaft, and the motor's start-up, stop and speed are controlled by wireless radio transceiver modules. The moving attitude of the bionic micro-machine is(More)
In this study, we propose a differential magnetic localization method for the bionic micro-machine guided by external magnetic field. The external magnetic field influences magnetic localization of the bionic micro-machine. In order to remove the influence, two magnetic sensors are respectively placed at two spatial points where the guide magnetic fields(More)
According to the hybrid actuation mechanism of the proposed bio-inspired mini-robot, a wireless measurement and control system based on magnetic field and radio signal was designed. This system is used to locate and control the bio-inspired mini-robot which consists of a measurement subsystem and a control subsystem. In the measurement subsystem,(More)
Sky luminance model recognition algorithm is proposed, using particle swarm optimization. Based on spatial distribution of daylight CIE standard general sky, intelligent particle swarm optimization algorithm is applied to compute and recognize arbitrary sky. Hence the type of current sky can be identified quickly. The algorithm lays a theory foundation for(More)
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