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Prognostics is very useful to predict the degradation trend of machinery and to provide an alarm before a fault reaches critical levels. This paper proposes an ARIMA approach to predict the future machine status with accuracy improvement by an improved forecasting strategy and an automatic prediction algorithm. Improved forecasting strategy increases the(More)
Similarity search in high frequency time series of domains as diverse as finance, marketing and industry has attracted much research attention recently. The main notions used in similarity search for time series are defined in a formal way. And a fast algorithm of similarity search based on random projection for high frequency time series is proposed. In(More)
This paper presents an eccentricity harmonics detection-based speed estimation method in a sensorless efficient induction motors. Because of the influence of spectrum leakage, the motor current signature signals analysis method, which is based the stator current, could not extract eccentricity directly. We first utilize Teager-Kaiser Energy Operator (TKEO)(More)
EtherCAT is widely used in the numerical control, machinery processing field etc. EtherCAT solutions and products are mainly imported. Based on studying EtherCAT standard and EtherCAT network system thoroughly, this article presents a kind of feasible, low cost of design for EtherCAT master, which is called simple EtherCAT master, including hardware and(More)
To predict the throughput of the cluster tool and simulate the system operation process, the paper develops a simulation platform, named as ClusterSim. ClusterSim provides the easy-to-use interface to accept user's input about the cluster tool configuration. The results that ClusterSim runs include the wafer foundation period, the lot period, chamber(More)
The state equation for induction motor in the two stationary coordinates was developed. A dynamic model of induction motor was established based on the graphical programming environment of Lab VIEW, The corrective and effectiveness of motor model based on Lab VIEW are verified with a simulation experiment. At the same time, the static model of induction(More)
In order to develop a grain flow sensor, a test rig was built. Three weighting sensors were mounted on the weighting bin in the test rig to calibrate grain flow sensor and verify the accuracy of grain flow sensor. A valve plate was inserted in the bottom of the feed bin. The feed flow could be controlled by adjusting opening of the valve plate. A weighting(More)