Jingshown Wu

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The performance enhancement of multibeam adaptive base-stations antennas for cellular land mobile radio systems, " IEEE Trans. " Optimum diversity combining and equalization in digital data transmission with applications to cellular mobile radio. A two-stage hybrid approach for CCI/ISI reduction with space-time processing, " IEEE Commun. " Riduzione delle(More)
This paper concerns scheduling parallel programs in multiprocessing systems. The goal is to improve the job turnaround time and speedup. As most programs are not fully paraiielizable, parallel programs consisting of serial, partially parallel, and (perfectly) parallel stages, are modeled by task graphs which depict the parallelism profiles. In another(More)
— In this paper, we investigate the switching performance of feedback (FB) type wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) optical packet switches (OPSes) with various packet scheduling algorithms that determine the buffer entrance sequence of packets arriving at the input end of the switches. Five different packet scheduling algorithms have been applied to the(More)
—Spectrum is a limited and precious resource in wireless communications. Effective spectrum utilization becomes more and more important because of the expeditious increase of demand for wireless communications. In principle, the dual-polarization frequency reuse system, which employs two orthogonally polarized electromagnetic waves to carry information, can(More)