Jingshi Dong

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Piezoelectric actuation is widely used for the active vibration control of smart structural systems, and corresponding research has largely focused on linear electromechanical devices. This paper investigates the design and analysis of a novel piezoelectric actuator that uses a piezoelectric cantilever beam with a loading spring to produce displacement(More)
This paper presents a built-in self test pump actuated by piezoelectric bimorphs for fluidic systems. The sensor fabricated by MEMS ensures the flow to be 0.5 µl/s. There are two piezoelectric vibrators in the pump and the check valve is metal cantilever beam. The pump is characterized by integrated structure, flow with built-in self test, wide(More)
The application and working principle of piezoelectric insulin pump are analyzed. The design of using piezoelectric elements to drive the push type insulin pump was proposed. A two serial chamber piezoelectric pump is selected as drive resource and the injector pushed by piezoelectric pump is used to achieve transporting the liquid medicine accurately. The(More)
This paper presents a large flow rate pump actuated by PZT bimorphs for fluidic systems. The pump is characterized by thin structure, large flow rate, low power consumption, etc. A prototype of the pump, with a size of 16mm, 16mm and 4 mm, is fabricated by precise manufacturing. Simulations and experiments showed that the piezoelectric pump has high(More)
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