Jingsheng Li

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BACKGROUND Cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is a common vascular disease in neurosurgery, and the indication for alternative treatments remains controversial. In a review of a series of 2086 patients with AVMs, the clinical characteristics and surgical results were assessed. METHODS Collected data of 2086 consecutive patients with AVMs from(More)
BACKGROUND Penetrating orbital injuries constitute a significant threat to ocular and cerebral structures. The incidence of central nervous system damage from orbital injury is related to the orbital anatomy and the characteristics of the penetrating object. Penetrating orbital injuries involving the brain stem are extremely rare. OBJECTIVES To present an(More)
Many inputs for simulation optimization models are assumed to come from known distributions. When such distributions are obtained from small sample sizes, the parameters of these distributions may be associated with an "uncertainty set" or ranges. The presence of this uncertainty means that one or more solutions may be optimal depending on which parameters(More)
In this article, we attempt to simulate the election lines in four central Florida counties in the 2012 presidential election. To do this, we estimate the numbers of booths at all locations and the service times using data about poll closing times and numbers of ballot items at all 479 locations. Then, we investigate the relevance of an optimization(More)
BACKGROUND To the best of the authors' knowledge, there are few case reports of penetrating brain injuries (PBI) caused by nail guns and these have usually involved incomplete penetration of the skull. Complete penetration of a nail into the intracranial cavity is extremely rare. CASE STUDY Here, two such cases are presented. In the first, the nail(More)
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