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In this paper, we present a mean-field model of the spin-magnetization coupling in ferromagnetic materials. The model includes non-isotropic diffusion for spin dynamics, which is crucial in capturing strong spin-magnetization coupling. The derivation is based on a moment closure of the quantum spinor dynamics, coupled to magnetization dynamics via the(More)
In this paper, we develop a mean-field model for describing the dynamics of spin transfer torque in multilayered ferromagnetic media. Specifically, we use the techniques of Wigner transform and moment closure to connect the underlying physics at different scales, and reach a macroscopic model for the dynamics of spin coupled with the magnetization within(More)
Complex quantum systems arise in the description of matter at microscopic and nanoscopic scales. The mathematical formulation and the efficient numerical simulation of such systems is a notoriously difficult problem. An interplay between mathematical analysis and numerical simulations is usually needed in order to obtain a detailed understanding. Goals To(More)
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