Jingrui Zhang

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We measure the kinematics of segregating granular mixtures in dense free-surface boundary-layer flow in a rotated drum. We find that in a segregating mixture, the different components move with roughly the same velocities, except for a relatively small segregation velocity perpendicular to the direction of flow. On the other hand, the mean variance of the(More)
—To understand users' preference and business performance in terms of customer interest, rating prediction systems are wildly deployed on many social websites. These systems are usually based on the users past history of reviews and similar users. Such traditional recommendation systems 1 suffer from two problems. The first is the cold start problem. In(More)
Physics-Based Simulations for Fluid Mixtures 2007 We develop a physics-based particle method to simulate various fluid mixture effects. A particle method is chosen over a grid-based method because we believe a particle method is more intuitive and better suited for handling physical and chemical interactions between fluids. Since a particle carries the(More)
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