Jingru Cheng

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OBJECTIVES Suboptimal health status (SHS) is considered to be an intermediate status between disease and health, and is characterised by a decline in vitality, in physiological function and in the capacity for adaptation. Although the incidence of SHS is high, the underlying causes remain unclear. Lifestyle is one of the most important factors affecting(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to investigate whether self-rated health status (SRH) and subjective health complaints (SHC) of urban Chinese women are associated with their health-promoting lifestyles (HPL). METHODS We conducted a cross-sectional study on 8142 eligible Chinese participants between 2012 and 2013. Demographic and SHC data were collected. Each(More)
To evaluate the effect of Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) on albuminuria levels in patients with diabetic nephropathy (DN), we performed comprehensive searches on Medline database, Cochrane Library, CNKI database, CBM database, Wanfang database, and VIP database up to December 2012. A total of 29 trials including 2440 participants with DN met the selection(More)
BACKGROUND Shugan Jianpi Zhixie therapy (SJZT) has been widely used to treat diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS-D), but the results are still controversial. A meta-analysis of randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials was performed to assess the efficacy and tolerability of SJZT for IBS-D. METHODS The MEDLINE, EMBASE, Cochrane(More)
Suboptimal health status (SHS) is the intermediate health state between health and disease, refers to medically undiagnosed or functional somatic syndromes, and has been a major global public health challenge. However, both the etiology and mechanisms associated with SHS are still unclear. Breakfast eating behavior is a dietary pattern marker and previous(More)
To explore the effects of traditional Chinese medicine constitution (TCMC) on transformation of good health status to suboptimal health status (SHS), we conducted a nested case-control study among college students in China. During the 18-month mean follow-up time, 543 cases of SHS (42.7%) occurred in 1273 healthy students. There was a significant (P =(More)
BACKGROUND Paclitaxel induced fatigue still remains underrecognized and undertreated, partly because of limited understanding of its pathophysiology and lack of effective treatments. This study is aim to evaluate the anti-fatigue effects and mechanism of Bu-Zhong-Yi-Qi pill in murine 4 T1 breast cancer mice were treated with paclitaxel. METHODS Breast(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the relationship between sub-health status and the health-promoting lifestyle of employees. METHODS A total of 5316 employees in a company in Guangdong were surveyed using sub-health measurement scale version 1.0 (SHMS V1.0) and the health-promoting lifestyle profile (HPLP-II). The former scale included 3 subscales of somatic(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the relationship between the occurrence of sub-health and health promotion lifestyle in Guangdong province to provide epidemiological evidences for prevention of sub-health. METHODS A 1:1 nested case-control study was carried out involving 133 cases from the cohort study paired with 133 control case matched for gender and age. (More)
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