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Tinnitus is associated with neural hyperactivity in the central nervous system (CNS). Salicylate is a well-known ototoxic drug, and we induced tinnitus in rats using a model of long-term salicylate administration. The gap pre-pulse inhibition of acoustic startle test was used to infer tinnitus perception, and only rats in the chronic salicylate-treatment(More)
Efr3a has been found to be involved in the functional maintenance and structural degeneration of sensory and motor nervous tissues. Our previous data have suggested that Efr3a may be associated with the initiation of the degeneration of spiral ganglion neurons (SGNs). In this study, we used Efr3a knockdown (Efr3a KD) and Efr3a overexpression (Efr3a OE) mice(More)
OBJECTIVE By watching the effects of cochlear implants in the children with cochlear nerve defects, to evaluate the relationship and efficiency of HRCT AND MRI in diagnostic for cochlear nerve defects. METHOD The imaging dates and the post-operative effects of the 10 cochlear nerve defect patients were retrospectively analyzed. RESULT Three patients(More)
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