Jingrong Li

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Poly(ɛ-caprolactone)/multi-walled carbon nanotubes (PCL/MWCNTs) composite nanofibers with various content of green tea polyphenols (GTP) were successfully fabricated via an electrospinning technology to maintain the chemical structural stability of GTP. The non-covalent interaction between MWCNTs and GTP was measured by UV-vis spectrophotometer and FT-IR.(More)
In this study, magnetic-encoded fluorescent (CdTe/Fe3O4)@SiO2 multifunctional nanospheres were constructed by adjusting the initial concentration of Fe3O4 in a fabrication process based on reverse microemulsion. The resultant multifunctional nanospheres were characterized by transmission electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction measurements, fluorescence(More)
The information time brings the need for lots of information, while the grid developments in recent years have provided enhanced support for the exchange and share of information of heterogeneous platforms and databases in large-scale domains, but how to get efficiently the information in databases in grid is still a problem. This paper discusses(More)
Probe electrospray ionization (PESI) is a recently developed ionization technique based on electrospray ionization (ESI) that generates electrospray from the tip of a solid needle. High tolerance to salts, requirements of a trace amount of sample and direct ambient sampling- are major advantages of PESI compared with conventional ESI. In this report, three(More)
A new functional AlNi-pillared clays (AlNi-PILC) with a large surface area and pore volume was synthesized. The performance of adsorption/desorption-catalytic combustion over CeO2-modified Pd/AlNi-PILC catalysts was also studied. The results showed that the d001-value and specific surface area (SBET) of AlNi-PILC reached 2.11 nm and 374.8 m²/g,(More)
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