Jingqi Miao

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Exploratory simulation involves the combination of computational steering and visualization at interactive speeds.This presents a number of challenges for large scientific data sets, such as those from astrophysics. A computational model is required such that steering the simulation while in progress is both physically valid and scientifically useful.(More)
Scientific visualization still presents a number of challenges. Effective visualization straddles several problem domains-the data structures needed to support visualization of large data sets, rendering techniques for fast and interactive display of this data, and enough understanding of the data involved to construct visualizations that provide real(More)
— Computational steering provides many opportunities to gain additional insight into a numerical simulation, for example by facilitating " what-if " experimentation, detection of unstable situations and termination of uninteresting runs. When performing steering, it is important that steering changes are quickly reflected in the state of the simulation, so(More)
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