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This study investigates metacognitive conversations in two grade 5/6 classrooms that engaged in knowledge building about the human body using Knowledge Forum. The metacognitive conversations were supported by Idea Thread Mapper (ITM), which makes collective progress in online discourse visible for collaborative reflection. The analyses elaborate the(More)
VaR method is the mainstream technology to measure market risk in the current international financial field. As one of the basic VaR methodologies, Historical Simulation Method (HS) is effective and widely accepted and adopted by many international financial institutions and governments. However, there are still many aspects to improve it. This paper brings(More)
With the continuous rising of real-estate prices and the upsurge demands by residents, the loan default risk has been raised gradually due to the individual housing loan increased with years. The efficient measurement and management systems for the credit risk in individual loan should be urgently established. Such systems need a knowledge-based decision(More)
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