Jingnong Weng

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Transportation data center has recently become a common practice of modern integrated transportation management in major cities of China. Being the convergence center of large-scale multi-source vehicle tracking data, it caused great challenge on GPS map-matching efficiency and privacy protection. In this paper, we propose a secure parallel map-matching(More)
User interface aesthetics, among other design considerations, are considered to be one of the determinants of user satisfaction. Considered more of a subjective aspect, aesthetics have mostly been evaluated with intrusive approaches. However, according to the recent product quality model in ISO 25010, "aesthetics" is listed under the(More)
3D city building models with their related information have increasingly become an important part and have a wide range of application areas in construction of digital city and digital earth, In view of the representation of 3D building model in hierarchy, an abstract of 3D building model based on structure details is studied, and a novel representation(More)
Learnability has been regarded as a fundamental usability attribute and plays a significant role for the success of software applications. Good learnability not only leads to a better productivity quickly but also plays a vital role in initial adoption or rejection of a technology. To evaluate and hence improve learnability, understanding the factors(More)
By analysis to the strengths and weakness of the existing virtual globe visualization engines, a component-based solution of virtual globe visualization engine is proposed in this paper, which includes two parts, the support library and the functional components. The support library provides essential support services for the normal operation of the engine.(More)