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Cake layer morphology in microfiltration of activated sludge wastewater based on fractal analysis
Abstract Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is an important solid–liquid separation technology employed widely in the wastewater treatment. However, membrane permeability decline rapidly due to membraneExpand
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The Calderón problem for variable coefficients nonlocal elliptic operators
ABSTRACT In this paper, we introduce an inverse problem of a Schrödinger type variable nonlocal elliptic operator (−∇⋅(A(x)∇))s+q), for 0<s<1. We determine the unknown bounded potential q from theExpand
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Enhanced biological nutrient removal using MUCT-MBR system.
Biological nutrient removal was investigated in a combined modified University of Cape Town and membrane bioreactor system. When the influent nutrient mass ratio (COD/TN/TP) was 28.5/5.1/1 toExpand
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On Electromagnetic Scattering from a Penetrable Corner
This article is concerned with the time-harmonic electromagnetic (EM) scattering from a generic inhomogeneous medium. Expand
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Mosco convergence for $H$ (curl) spaces, higher integrability for Maxwell's equations, and stability in direct and inverse EM scattering problems
This paper is concerned with the scattering problem for time-harmonic electromagnetic waves, due to the presence of scatterers and of inhomogeneities in the medium. We prove a sharp stability resultExpand
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Effect of aeration intensity on the nitrogen and phosphorus removal performance of membrane bioreactors
The ability of simultaneous phosphorus and nitrogen removal of sequencing batch membrane bioreactor (SBMBR) run in anaerobic/aerobic (AO) mode was examined under three aeration intensities (2.5, 3.75Expand
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Stable determination of sound-hard polyhedral scatterers by a minimal number of scattering measurements
The aim of the paper is to establish optimal stability estimates for the determination of sound-hard polyhedral scatterers in R N , N ≥ 2, by a minimal number of far-field measurements. This work isExpand
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On an electromagnetic problem in a corner and its applications
Let $\mathcal{K}^{r_0}_{x_0}$ be a (non-degenerate) truncated corner in $\mathbb{R}^3$ with $x_0\in\mathbb{R}^3$ being its apex, and $\mathbf{F}_j\in C^\alpha(\overline{\mathcal{K}^{r_0}_{x_0}};Expand
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Development and evaluation of Monte Carlo-based SPECT reconstruction
We investigate to what extent truncation impacts attenuation correction and model-based scatter correction in the cases of Tc-99m, Tl-201, and simultaneous SPECT studies and propose a simple correction method to mitigate effects of truncation. Expand
Theoretical advances on scattering theory, fractional operators and their inverse problems
Inverse problems arise in numerous fields of science and engineering where one tries to find out the desired information of an unknown object or the cause of an observed effect. They are ofExpand