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The traditional collaborative filtering algorithm is a successful recommendation technology. The core idea of this algorithm is to calculate user or item similarity based on user ratings and then to predict ratings and recommend items based on similar users’ or similar items’ ratings. However, real applications face a problem of data sparsity because most(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) five coding region sequence polymorphisms encompassing positions nt3954-4506, nt5218-5974, nt7942-8711, nt10296-10653, and nt14496-14867 in Chinese Han population of Yanbian area, Jilin province. METHODS Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and direct sequencing method were used to detect the haplotype(More)
The interaction of tumor cells with the microenvironment is like a relationship between the "seeds" and "soil," which is a hotspot in recent cancer research. Targeting at tumor microenvironment as well as tumor cells has become a new strategy for cancer treatment. Conventional cancer treatments mostly focused on single targets or single mechanism (the seeds(More)
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