Jingming Duan

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The objective of this study was to design a voice training program for Chinese speakers, and to evaluate its efficacy. It was a prospective, randomized, case–control study practiced in three middle schools in Beijing, China. Teachers in the treatment group received voice training for 4 weeks, whereas the control group subjects received no treatment. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the clinical characteristics of infectious mononucleosis (IM) in adults. METHOD Medical records of 50 adult IM patients admitted in hospital were analyzed retrospectively. RESULT Diagnosis delayed group contained 16 patients (32% of total patients) and was significantly different from the diagnosis in-time group in typical symptoms,(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate changes in acoustic features of voice after tonsillectomy. METHOD Thirty-three patients presenting for tonsillectomy were recruited. Voice recordings obtained from patients before and 1 month after surgery, were analyzed using the Kay Elemetrics, multi-dimensional voice processing software. The following parameters were estimated:(More)
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