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Web page segmentation has extensive value in web applications. As the traditional method which only based on Document Object Model (Dom) tree poorly reflects the actual semantic structure of a page, the vision-based measures which attempt to understand the perception of user have attracted great concern in recently. Moreover, the visual page layout(More)
BACKGROUND Weaning-induced pulmonary oedema (WiPO) is a well-recognised cause of failure of weaning from mechanical ventilation, but its incidence and risk factors have not been reliably described. We wanted to determine the incidence and risk factors in a population of critically ill patients. In addition, we wanted to describe the effects of diuretics(More)
A He-Ne laser with an annular gain zone is studied theoretically. It is demonstrated that the He-Ne medium in the annular discharge zone possesses enough gain to maintain laser oscillation. A multipass ring resonator, which is composed of two annular spherical mirrors, is described, and it is shown that the resonator is suitable for extracting optical(More)
Erratum Unfortunately this article was published with an error. During production of the original article [1], " with WiPO " and " without WiPO " on "ΔCI% during PLR" has been switched on Fig. 3. The correct figure is shown below. Reference 1. Monnet X. Cardiac dysfunction induced by weaning from mechanical ventilation: incidence, risk factors, and effects(More)
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