Jinglucy Sun

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Lipid modification of cellular proteins plays diverse roles in the regulation of such proteins' trafficking, signaling and behavior. Owing to a lack of robust detection technologies, the mechanisms by which lipids regulate proteins are poorly understood. Recently, various groups have developed innovative chemical probes in conjunction with bio-orthogonal(More)
In the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway, β-catenin activates target genes through its interactions with the T-cell factor/lymphoid enhancer-binding factor (TCF/Lef) family of transcription factors. The crystal structures of complexes between the β-catenin armadillo domain and the Lef-1 N-terminal domain show that the overall conformation and many of the(More)
Androgens have important roles in the development of the prostate gland and in prostate cancer. Since the finding that β-catenin is a cofactor of the androgen receptor (AR) and can augment AR signaling, several proteins have been found to affect AR signaling through their interaction with β-catenin. Here, we investigated inhibitor of β-catenin and T-cell(More)
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