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A new fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) algorithm for general nonlinear stochastic systems is proposed by using the optimal probability density function (PDF) tracking filtering. The fault is detected through a determinate threshold rather than an experiential threshold. Moreover, an adaptive fault diagnosis method is also provided to estimate the size of(More)
To find the optimum threshold of an image is still an important research topic in the recent years. This paper presents a segmentation of liver cyst for ultrasound image through combining Wellner’s thresholding algorithm with particle swarm optimization (PSO). The proposed method firstly obtains an optimal parameter, which expressed as a percentage or fixed(More)
A control problem of dynamic processes described by partial differential equations (PDE's) is proposed and studied in this paper. They are linear distributed parameter models. The inputs of the models discussed are position-independent. As is known to all, distributed parameter systems always demand high tracking precision and good stability. However, it is(More)
The goal of this paper is to propose a modified maximally stable extremal region (MSER) based method for the segmentation of ultrasound liver images. Firstly, the feature regions including liver lesions are extracted using the modified MSER detector. Unlike the MSER algorithm, the improved MSER detector merely needs dozens of gray levels rather than 256(More)