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This paper addresses the vertical partitioning of a set of logical records or a relation into fragments. The rationale behind vertical partitioning is to produce fragments, groups of attribute columns, that “closely match” the requirements of transactions. Vertical partitioning is applied in three contexts: a database stored on devices of a(More)
Although it is generally agreed that topography is more conserved than sequences, proteins sharing the same fold can have different functions, while there are protein families with low sequence similarity. An alternative method for profile analysis of characteristic conserved positions of the motifs within the 3D structures may be needed for functional(More)
A new method, homology similarity analysis (HSA), was developed to investigate homology pattern similarities of selected segments within sequences of peptides. This new approach facilitated elucidation of the structure-function relationships of lactoferricin derivatives. Helix propensity of positions 4-9 in the lactoferricin sequence was the most important(More)
A new computer program for homology similarity search (HSS) was introduced. Application of the HSS to peptide sequences of short peptides with fewer 32 amino acid residues has explained the underlying mechanism of their emulsifying ability. It was found that certain regularity in the frequency of alternate polar/apolar cycle with high hydrophobic similarity(More)
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