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—We present a dynamic stability and agility study of a pendulum-turn vehicle maneuver. Instead of optimizing the controlled inputs to mimic expert human driver performance, we focus on understanding the stability and agility performance of the vehicle motion using professional racing car driver testing data. We propose to use the rear side slip angle,(More)
We present balancing control analysis of a stationary riderless motorcycle. We first present the motorcycle dynamics with an accurate steering mechanism model with consideration of lateral movement of the tire/ground contact point. A nonlinear balance controller is then designed. We estimate the domain of attraction (DOA) of motorcycle dynamics under which(More)
Different functions were imparted to ramie fibers through treatment with noble metal nanoparticles including silver and gold nanoparticles. The in situ synthesis of silver and gold nanoparticles was achieved by heating in the presence of ramie fibers in the corresponding solutions of precursors. The unique optical property of synthesized noble metal(More)
Domestic (Bombyx mori) and wild (Antheraea pernyi) silk fibers were characterised over a wide spectral range from THz 8 cm −1 (λ = 1.25 mm, f = 0.24 THz) to deep-UV 50 × 10 3 cm −1 (λ = 200 nm, f = 1500 THz) wavelengths or over a 12.6 octave frequency range. Spectral features at β-sheet, α-coil and amorphous fibroin were analysed at different spectral(More)
The photoinduced growth reaction of silver nanoparticles was accelerated by reduced graphene oxide (RGO) produced from graphene oxide (GO) during the light irradiation process in aqueous solution. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and Raman spectroscopy demonstrated that RGO was generated in the photoinduced process. The acceleration effect of RGO was(More)
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