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Effects of different planting patterns on water use and yield performance of winter wheat in the Huang-Huai-Hai plain of China
Abstract Field experiments were conducted at an experimental station of Farmland Irrigation Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in the Huang-Huai-Hai plain of China (HPC)Expand
Estimation of crop water requirement based on principal component analysis and geographically weighted regression
In this study the principal component analysis (PCA) and geographically weighted regression (GWR) are combined to estimate the spatial distribution of water requirement of the winter wheat in NorthExpand
Estimating the potential yield and ETc of winter wheat across Huang-Huai-Hai Plain in the future with the modified DSSAT model
The DSSAT model, integrated the calibrated Hargreaves ET model and dynamic crop coefficient, was run with the generated weather data by SDSM4.2 and CanESM2 to predict the potential yield and cropExpand
Water-Saving Irrigation Management and Decision Support System Based on WEBGIS
The paper combines the management and decision support mode of irrigation area with such functions of GIS as inputting and pre-processing of mass data, spacial analysis, and visual expression. Expand
Numerical approximation of soil temperature based on heat flow equation
Using a sine wave to simulate soil temperature in a single cycle has high accuracy, but for continuous simulation of soil tempera-ture in several consecutive cycles, the accuracy is poor. To solveExpand
[Real-time irrigation forecast of cotton mulched with plastic film under drip irrigation based on meteorological date].
It is important to improve the real-time irrigation forecasting precision by predicting real-time water consumption of cotton mulched with plastic film under drip irrigation based on meteorologicalExpand
Irrigation Decision-making Methods Based on Multi-source Irrigation Information Fusion
According to the problem that uncertainty information is difficult to be merged during the decision process of multi-source irrigation information, a fusion method based on fuzzy rough sets and D-SExpand
[Calculating method for crop water requirement based on air temperature].
The importance of accurately estimating crop water requirement for irrigation forecast and agricultural water management has been widely recognized. Although it has been broadly adopted to determineExpand
[Temporal and spatial variation of water requirement of winter wheat and its influencing factors in Henan Province, China].
Based on mean meteorological data of ten days in 17 observation stations from 1961 to 2012, the reference crop evapotranspiration was computed using Penman-Monteith formula recommended by FAO. TheExpand