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In this paper, we investigated the performance of bird species recognition using neural networks with different preprocessing methods and different sets of features. Context neural network architecture was designed to embed the dynamic nature of bird songs into inputs. We devised a noise reduction algorithm and effectively applied it to enhance bird species(More)
Spatial information captured from optical remote sensors on board unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) has great potential in the automatic surveillance of electrical power infrastructure. For an automatic vision based power line inspection system, detecting power lines from cluttered background an important and challenging task. In this paper, we propose a(More)
Acoustic classification of anurans (frogs) has received increasing attention for its promising application in biological and environment studies. In this study, a novel feature extraction method for frog call classification is presented based on the analysis of spectrograms. The frog calls are first automatically segmented into syllables. Then, spectral(More)
Fluid shear stress plays an important role in bone osteogenic differentiation. It is traditionally believed that pulsed and continuous stress load is more favorable for fracture recovery and bone homeostasis. However, according to our clinical practice, we notice that one single stress load is also sufficient to trigger osteogenic differentiation. In the(More)
Many XML documents contain a mixture of text and images. Images play an important role in webpage or article presentation. However, popular Information Retrieval systems still largely depend on pure text retrieval as it is believed that text descriptions including body text and the caption of images contain precise information. On the other hand, images are(More)
Lipid droplet (LD) formation is a hallmark of cellular stress. Cells attempt to combat noxious stimuli by switching their metabolism from oxidative phosphorylation to glycolysis, sparing resources in LDs for generating cellular reducing power and for anabolic biosynthesis. Membrane phospholipids are also a source of LDs. To elucidate the formation of LDs,(More)