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Fluid shear stress plays an important role in bone osteogenic differentiation. It is traditionally believed that pulsed and continuous stress load is more favorable for fracture recovery and bone homeostasis. However, according to our clinical practice, we notice that one single stress load is also sufficient to trigger osteogenic differentiation. In the(More)
Many XML documents contain a mixture of text and images. Images play an important role in webpage or article presentation. However, popular Information Retrieval systems still largely depend on pure text retrieval as it is believed that text descriptions including body text and the caption of images contain precise information. On the other hand, images are(More)
Current research on shape based classification has been generally aimed at utilising various visual features. Previous research has shown that the existing knowledge in a specific domain can assist in understanding the image content. Ontologies are currently being used for explicit representation of the domain knowledge. In this paper, two contributions are(More)
This paper presents an experimental study that examines the performance of various combination techniques for content-based image retrieval using a fusion of visual and textual search results. The evaluation is comprehensively benchmarked using more than 160,000 samples from INEX-MM2006 images dataset and the corresponding XML documents. For visual search,(More)
Raven and Song Scope are two, state-of-the-art automated sound analysis tools, based on machine learning techniques for detection of species vocalisations. Individually, these systems have been the subject of a number of reviews; however, to date there have been no comparisons made of their relative performance. This paper compares the tools based on six(More)