Jingjing Zheng

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Jingjing Zheng1 zjngjng@umiacs.umd.edu Zhuolin Jiang2 zhuolin@umiacs.umd.edu P. Jonathon Phillips3 jonathon.phillips@nist.gov Rama Chellappa1 rama@umiacs.umd.edu 1 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Center for Automation Research, UMIACS University of Maryland College Park, MD, USA 2 UMIACS, University of Maryland College Park, MD,(More)
We present an approach to jointly learn a set of view-specific dictionaries and a common dictionary for cross-view action recognition. The set of view-specific dictionaries is learned for specific views while the common dictionary is shared across different views. Our approach represents videos in each view using both the corresponding view-specific(More)
The inflammatory response following spinal cord injury (SCI) involves the activation of resident microglia and the infiltration of macrophages. Macrophages and microglia can be polarized into the classically activated proinflammatory M1 phenotype or the alternatively activated anti-inflammatory M2 phenotype. Programmed cell death 1 (PD-1) is a critical(More)
In real-world action recognition problems, low-level features cannot adequately characterize the rich spatial-temporal structures in action videos. In this work, we encode actions based on attributes that describes actions as high-level concepts e.g., jump forward or motion in the air. We base our analysis on two types of action attributes. One type of(More)
Recepteur d'origine nantais (RON) is a receptor tyrosine kinase that is activated by a serum-derived, macrophage stimulating protein (MSP) growth factor and is expressed in many malignant tumors. The aim of the present study was to reveal the protein expression profile of RON and its relationship with clinicopathological characteristics of gastric carcinoma(More)
A body of experimental evidence suggests that T cells mediate neuroprotection following CNS injury; however, the antigen specificity of these T cells and how they mediate neuroprotection are unknown. Here, we have provided evidence that T cell-mediated neuroprotection after CNS injury can occur independently of major histocompatibility class II (MHCII)(More)
Domain adaptation algorithms that handle shifts in the distribution between training and testing data are receiving much attention in computer vision. Recently, a Grassmann manifold-based domain adaptation algorithm that models the domain shift using intermediate subspaces along the geodesic connecting the source and target domains was presented in [6]. We(More)
We propose three small sets of barrier heights for heavy-atom transfer, nucleophilic substitution, and unimolecular and association reactions as benchmarks for comparing and developing theoretical methods. We chose the data sets to be statistically representative subsets of the NHTBH38/04 database. Each data set consists of 6 barrier heights; we call these(More)
We present a perspective on the use of diffuse basis functions for electronic structure calculations by density functional theory and wave function theory. We especially emphasize minimally augmented basis sets and calendar basis sets. We base our conclusions on our previous experience with commonly computed quantities, such as bond energies, barrier(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the value of Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA) in geratic patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and analyze the correlation of MNA scores with BODE indexes. METHODS A total of 139 geratic outpatients with stable COPD admitted from April 2012 to October 2012 were enrolled. The nutritional statuses of the patients(More)