Jingjing Tang

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Human enterovirus B106 (EV-B106) is a recently identified member of enterovirus species B. In this study, we report the complete genomic characterization of an EV-B106 strain (148/YN/CHN/12) isolated from an acute flaccid paralysis patient in Yunnan Province, China. The new strain had 79.2-81.3% nucleotide and 89.1-94.8% amino acid similarity in the VP1(More)
Enterovirus B83 (EV-B83) is a recently identified member of enterovirus species B. It is a rarely reported serotype and up to date, only the complete genome sequence of the prototype strain from the United States is available. In this study, we describe the complete genomic characterization of an EV-B83 strain 246/YN/CHN/08HC isolated from a healthy child(More)
The Influenza A virus is a great threat for human health, while various subtypes of the virus made it difficult to develop drugs. With the development of state-of-art computational chemistry, computational molecular docking could serve as a virtual screen of potential leading compound. In this study, we performed molecular docking for influenza A H1N1(More)
Recently, document similarity detection technology captures a host of researchers' attention. In this paper, we propose to integrate linear SVM with f-fractional bit minwise hashing to make a wide range of choices for accuracy and storage space requirements. According to the derived properties of f-fractional bit minwise hashing, we obtained the optimal(More)
When flexible forming of sheet metal using plasma arc scanning along a straight line, we find that the forming edge appears warping deformation and the bending angle varies along the scanning path, the phenomenas are defined as edge effects, which will reduce the accuracy of forming of sheet metal seriously. The edge effects and its formation laws that(More)
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