Jingjing Luo

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The hippocampus plays an important role in the formation of new memories and spatial navigation. Recently, growing evidence supports the view that it is also involved in addiction to opiates and other drugs. Theoretical and experimental studies suggest that hippocampal neural-network oscillations at specific frequencies and unit firing patterns reflect(More)
Pinellia pedatisecta agglutinin (PPA) is a specific mannose-binding plant lectin accumulated in the tuber of P. pedatisecta. In the work presented, the cytotoxicity of PPA to cancer cells was investigated through exogenous expression. A PPA gene was transduced into normal and cancer cell lines through plasmid vectors, and the effect of PPA expression was(More)
It has been suggested that the phytohormone ethylene plays a role in strawberry fruit ripening, and new genetic evidence for the role of this hormone in strawberry ripening is provided in this study. The combined analysis of ethylene production and transcripts of the ethylene biosynthesis-related gene FaSAMS1 and the signaling gene FaCTR1 in ‘Camarosa’(More)
Lectins exist widely in marine bioresources such as bacteria, algae, invertebrate animals and fishes. Some purified marine lectins have been found to elicit cytotoxicity to cancer cells. However, there are few reports describing the cytotoxic effect of marine lectins on cancer cells through virus-mediated gene delivery. We show here that a(More)
We report here a novel strategy to redirect oncolytic adenoviruses to CD123 by carry a soluble coxsackie-adenovirus receptor (sCAR)-IL3 expression cassette in the viral genome to form Ad.IL3, which sustainably infected acute myeloid leukemia (AML) cells through CD123. Ad.IL3 was further engineered to harbor gene encoding manganese superoxide dismutase(More)
The amygdala circuitry and neuropeptide S (NPS) have been shown to play an important role in the pain modulation. However, the alleviative effect of NPS in amygdala on neuropathic pain (NP) is not fully understood. Here, we demonstrate a possibility that the intra-amygdala microinfusion of NPS attenuates NP symptoms and suppresses the response of spinal(More)
It is generally recognised that event related potentials (ERPs) of electroencephalogram (EEG) primarily reflect summed post-synaptic activity of the local pyramidal neural population(s). However, it is still not understood how the positive and negative deflections (e.g. P1, N1 etc) observed in ERP recordings are related to the underlying excitatory and(More)