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Chemical composition and biological activities of the essential oil from Rubus pungens var. oldhamii
The test results indicated that the REO was rich in sesquiterpenes, and also exhibited good antityrosinase activity, and moderate antimicrobial activity against pathogenic micro-organisms, which can be used as a natural source of promising antimicrobial and tyrosinases inhibiting agent.
Staphylococcus cohnii HFUTY-08: a novel acid urease-producing strain
Urea in alcoholic beverages is a precursor of ethyl carbamate (EC), which is carcinogenic. At present, removal of urea by acid urease is considered to be the most effective method. In this study, a
1H-NMR and viscosity studies of hydrogen bonding of Chinese rice wine
ABSTRACT The viscosity of Chinese rice wine gradually increases with the maturing process, resulting in a better taste due to longer contact with the tongue. Herein, the structure of water–ethanol
Antihypertensive effect of a Chinese herbal formula (Salvia miltiorrhiza compound recipe) in hypertensive rats induced by high-fructose, high-salt, and high-fat diet
The analysis of the experimental data shows that the SMCR has a significant effect on reducing hypertension, regulating abnormal lipid metabolism, and slightly affects insulin and uric acid levels.