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Relatively few indica rice full-length cDNAs were available to aid in the annotation of rice genes. The data presented here described the sequencing and analysis of 10,096 full-length cDNAs from Oryza sativa subspecies indica Guangluai 4. Of them, 9,029 matched rice genomic sequences in publicly-available databases, and 1,200 were identified as new rice(More)
Characterization of tissue-specific plant gene promoters will benefit genetic improvement in crops. Here, we isolated a novel rice anther-specific plant lipid transfer protein (OsLTP6) gene through high through-put expressional profiling. The promoter of OsLTP6 was introduced to the upstream of the uidA gene, which encodes β-glucuronidase (GUS), and(More)
— With the growth of E-commerce, the development of recommendation systems is helpful for users to select desirable products from all kinds of them. The existing e-commerce recommendation approaches are based on a user's preference on music. However, sometimes, it might better meet users' requirement to recommend products according to emotions. In this(More)
the initial assembly of sequence data, stretches of poor or ambiguous quality and apparent gap regions were identified for further sequencing to obtain greater than 99.99% sequence accuracy. But despite extensive efforts to improve the sequence quality and to fill the gaps, 4 of the 390 PAC/BAC clones sequenced are still at phase 1 (GenBank, http://(More)
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