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Feature selection involves identifying a subset of the most useful features that produces compatible results as the original entire set of features. A feature selection algorithm may be evaluated from both the efficiency and effectiveness points of view. While the efficiency concerns the time required to find a subset of features, the effectiveness is(More)
The ever increasing growth of databases in the real time application is a major issue for the handling of large data. The data mining of the same is also a tedious task. The feature subset selection is a process for finding the irrelevant and redundant data and handling them. The proposed algorithm IFSS-Improved Feature Subset Selection works in 2 major(More)
Great research work have been conducted towards Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) as well as feature selection. Feature selection applications have a great influence on decreasing development lead times and increasing product quality as well as proficiency. IDS guards a system from attack, misuse, and compromise. It can also screen network action. Network(More)
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