Jingjie Li

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Whispering is a natural, unphonated, secondary aspect of speech communications for most people. However, it is the primary mechanism of communications for some speakers who have impaired voice production mechanisms, such as partial laryngectomees, as well as for those prescribed voice rest, which often follows surgery or damage to the larynx. Unlike most(More)
Whispers are an important secondary vocal communications mechanism that can be necessary for communicating private information and which are an integral aspect of natural human-to-human dialogue. Furthermore, they may be the primary vocal communications method of those suffering from certain forms of aphonia, such as laryngectomees. This paper considers the(More)
Geometric distortions are simple and effective attacks rendering many watermarking methods useless. They make detection and extraction of the embedded watermark difficult or even impossible by destroying the synchronization between the watermark reader and the embedded watermark. In this paper, we propose a blind content-based image watermarking scheme(More)
This paper presents a study on large vocabulary continuous whisper automatic recognition (wLVCSR). wLVCSR provides the ability to use ASR equipment in public places without concern for disturbing others or leaking private information. However the task of wLVCSR is much more challenging than normal LVCSR due to the absence of pitch which not only causes the(More)
The design of monitoring and predictive alarm systems is necessary for successful overhead power transmission line icing. Given the characteristics of complexity, nonlinearity, and fitfulness in the line icing process, a model based on a multivariable time series is presented here to predict the icing load of a transmission line. In this model, the time(More)
Whispers are a common and necessary secondary vocal communications mechanism for natural human-to-human dialogue. They are also the primary communications mechanism for many suffering from aphonia, such as laryngectomees. For typical speakers, whispering is a predominantly contextual activity, prompted by either the sensitive nature of information being(More)
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