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An oscillatory microstructure has been observed during deep-cellular growth of directionally solidified Sn-36at.%Ni hyperperitectic alloy containing intermetallic compounds with narrow solubility range. This oscillatory microstructure with a dimension of tens of micrometers has been observed for the first time. The morphology of this wave-like oscillatory(More)
The microstructure evolution and interface characteristics of a directionally solidified Ti-43Al-3Si (at.%) alloy in an alumina (Al2O3) crucible with new Y2O3 skull-aided technology were investigated. The Y2O3-skull that is in contact with the TiAl-melt is relatively stable, which results in a more controlled reaction between the skull and the melt than in(More)
In order to better understand the detachment mechanism of secondary dendrite arm during peritectic solidification, the detachment of secondary dendrite arm from the primary dendrite arms in directionally solidified Sn-36at.%Ni peritectic alloys is investigated at different deceleration rates. Extensive detachment of secondary dendrite arms from primary stem(More)
Strongly coupled heat, species mass and momentum transport behaviors in melting processes of a 2D blade like casting of Al-4.5Cu%wt and pseudo-binary gamma(TiAl)-55Al%wt alloys were numerically simulated using a continuum model. The strongly pressure-linked liquid flow problems are successfully solved using the authors' proposed direct-SIMPLE algorithm.(More)
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