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Wireless sensor network (WSN) is a new research field developed in recent years, and its applications are drawing more and more attention of military, industry and academe. Such a research has both significant theoretic values and wide potential applications. The issue of wireless sensor network energy saving should be cause for concern primarily. But(More)
CTS (Continuous Transverse Stub) antenna radiates electromagnetic wave with its transverse stubs on transmission line, and its pattern in horizon plane is omnidirectional. This paper proposes a novel coaxial CTS structure, in which a monopole is applied in coaxial CTS antenna, instead of a matching load. This method may not only improve the radiation ratio,(More)
Log-periodic dipole antenna (LPDA) is a kind of frequency-independent antennas which is widely used. The design theory of the antenna is already mature. Although we can design the antenna with the best characteristic through the design theory, the size of the antenna is usually too large to be used. In this paper, we firstly establish the model of an(More)
Recently there is a big concern for the passive intermodulation (PIM) problems of wireless system. The PIM models, the general mathematic nonlinear models, especially those based on physical mechanism, are investigated in this paper. The network models for microwave systems are finally studied. The PIM suppression or mitigation methods are provided based on(More)
— Study of a novel planar circular disc monopole ultrawide-band antenna fed by coaxial line is presented in this paper. The radiator, ground plane and the feeder equipment of the antenna are placed on the same plate. The special structure reduces the spatial volume, and it is used to realize the miniaturization of the antenna. The basic theory and design(More)
Based on that triangle monopole antenna has wide frequency band, this paper proposes a novel composite triangle monopole antenna, which is composed of three similar triangle metal plates. Through the electromagnetic simulation software CST Microwave Studioreg, we obtain its characteristics under the condition that its ground-plate is infinite perfect(More)
Based on the ultra-wideband ridged horn antenna theory in communication system, a new quad-ridged horn antenna with a lens is described in this paper, which consists of a quad-ridged horn and a dielectric hemispheric lens. By simulation and optimization with CST MWS software which is based on the finite integration technique, a dual polarization dielectric(More)
The passive intermodulation (PIM) interference caused by antenna nonlinearity has a serious impact on the performance of the high power multi-frequency communication system, especially when the antenna is shared by the transmitter and the receiver at the same time. Theoretical analysis on the PIM was first discussed in this paper, and then the designed(More)
Production and application electromagnetic Pulse is paid more attention home and aboard. A novel switch-type exploding electromagnetic pulse generator is put forward in this paper. Based on its equivalent circuit theory, mathematics model is given and calculate. By proper parameter and structure design and optimize, this model can increase the(More)