Jinghua Ma

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Triptolide is a diterpene triepoxide compound extracted from the medicinal plant, Tripterygium wilfordii Hook F. The aim of the present study was to determine whether triptolide inhibits the proliferation of breast cancer cells and to further investigate the associated molecular mechanisms. The effects of triptolide on the cell viability of three breast(More)
Particle-size soils were fractionated for evaluating changes in the composition of bacterial community and enzyme activity in response to 13 years of fertilization. This study focused on Mollisol and its particle-size fractions of 200–2,000 μm (coarse sand sized), 63 to 200 μm (fine sand sized), 2 to 63 μm (silt sized), and 0.1 to 2 to μm (clay-sized).(More)
Grafting is commonly used to relieve damage caused by soil-borne diseases and to enhance the nutrient uptake in watermelon plants. Certain reports have shown the proteomic changes of plant tissues involved in grafting, while little information about the secretome after watermelon grafting is available. To gain insight into the root-secreted protein profile,(More)
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