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Prediction of machine breakdowns and lot product qualities plays an important role in scheduling of semiconductor manufacturing lines because accurate state of machines and lot are a key prerequisite for good scheduling. The difficulties in modeling result from the datum with high dimensions and stochastic noise that are brought inevitably in actual(More)
An innovative approach to hydrogen reactor modeling based on Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) is proposed to improve the approximating and self-adaptive ability of existing models. To exert the information of the hydrogen reactor operation data for constructing the optimization model reasonably, the adaptive neural network algorithm is combined(More)
The combination and decomposition of database are two important problems in knowledge discovery and data mining, and their mathematic model are the combination and decomposition of information tables. In this paper, by giving the definitions of object-combined formal contexts and attribute-combined formal contexts, we discuss the relationship of attribute(More)