Jinghua Gao

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We present the tool TAXI which implements the XML-based Partition Testing approach for the automated generation of XML Instances conforming to a given XML Schema. In addition it provides a set of weighted test strategies to guide the systematic derivation of instances. TAXI can be used for black-box testing of applications accepting in input XML instances(More)
We present the XML-based Partition Testing (XPT) approach for the automatic generation of XML instances from a XML Schema. The approach is inspired by the well-known Category Partition method for black-box testing. The generated instances can be used for inter-operability testing of applications that expect in input conforming XML instances, as well as for(More)
We introduce the XPT approach for the automated systematic generation of XML instances which conform to a given XML Schema, and its implementation into the proof-of-concept tool TAXI. XPT can be used to automatize the black-box testing of any general application that expects in input the XML instances. We generate a comprehensive set of instances by(More)
We present an ongoing experience in the application of UML based testing methodology in an e-Learning environment. In particular, we focus on the interaction of learning objects and Learning Management Systems (LMS). This paper reports the application of the proposed technology for test case generation considering the SCORM specifications as the reference(More)
Model-based testing is nowadays the emerging paradigm for software testing in many domains. In the Web arena XML Schema is becoming the technology of reference to describe data structure and applications input domains. The proposed tool (TAXI-Testing by Automatically generated XML Instances) exploits such a model to automatically derive correct XML(More)
Objective. This paper systematically assessed the efficacy and safety of Jingtong granule (JG) for cervical radiculopathy (CR). Methods. Randomized controlled trials comparing JG with no intervention, placebo, or conventional therapies were retrieved. The trials testing JG combined with conventional therapies versus conventional therapies were also(More)
Background. Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is widely applied in the clinical practice of neck pain owing to cervical radiculopathy (CR). While many systematic reviews exist in CAM to improve CR, research is distributed across population, intervention, comparison, and setting. Objective. This overview aims to summarize the characteristics and(More)
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