Jinghua Ding

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Lymphocyte interactions with high endothelial venules (HEV) during extravasation into lymphoid tissues involve an 85-95 kd class of lymphocyte surface glycoprotein(s), gp90Hermes (CD44). We report here the cloning of cDNA for gp90Hermes expressed in a mucosal HEV-binding B lymphoblastoid cell line, KCA. Northern hybridization revealed the presence of three(More)
The collagens represent an interesting example of a structurally related but genetically distinct family of proteins. Type I, the most abundant of the vertebrate collagens, comprises two pro alpha 1(I) chains and one pro alpha 2(I) chain, each containing terminal propeptides and a central domain of 338 (Gly, X, Y) repeats. The structure of the chicken pro(More)
We report on the interfacial magnetic coupling in manganite bilayers of collinear ferromagnetic La 0.7 Sr 0.3 MnO 3 and noncollinear multiferroic TbMnO 3. Exchange bias is observed at the Néel temperature of TbMnO 3 (,41 K) due to the onset of long-range antiferromagnetic ordering in the Mn spin sublattice. Interestingly, an anomalous plateau of exchange(More)
Sperm-mediated gene transfer can be a very efficient method to produce transgenic pigs, however, the results from different laboratories had not been widely repeated. Genomic integration of transgene by injection of pseudotyped lentivirus to the perivitelline space has been proved to be a reliable route to generate transgenic animals. To test whether(More)
—Digital learning resource ontology is often based on different specification building. It is hard to find resources by linguistic ontology matching method. The existing structural matching method fails to solve the problem of calculation of structural similarity well. For the heterogeneity problem among learning resource ontology, an algorithm is presented(More)
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