Jinghong Li

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Face recognition is a rapidly growing research area due to the increasing demands for the security in commercial and jurally enforcement applications. High information redundancy and correlation in face images result in the inefficiency when such images are used directly for recognition. In this paper, discrete cosine transforms is used to reduce image(More)
The EEG is a non-invasive technique to study the brain and very useful in sleep analysis. The classification of the sleep in stages was widely used, but has been limited by its coarse resolution. In this paper the wavelet time-frequency analysis is applied to 16 seconds long epochs of EEG recordings to provide localized time-frequency information. The sleep(More)
Six Chinese vowels /a/, /o/, /e/, /i/, /u/, and /u/ are recognized based on the one-channel detected facial myoelectric signal (MES). Zygomaticus major and anterior belly of the digastric are carefully selected as the electrodes sites of MES detected. Over-sampling technology and four-layer wavelet decomposition are used to reduce noise in MES records.(More)
Effective feature extraction is vital to reliable classification. To improve the accuracy of transient myoelectric signal (MES) pattern classification, a group of filter based time-series representation is proposed. Twenty-five filters with the same bandwidth but different center frequency divide the signal frequency spectrum into 25 sub-bands. It is shown(More)
In order to make the artificial forearm controller easier be trained and have higher robust, an adaptive controller for myoelectric signal (MES) is proposed. The control signal, MES, is derived from natural contraction patterns, which can be produced reliably with no subject training. To find features of MES, twenty-five filters with different center(More)
Nearly twenty years ago, Beaurepaire and coworkers showed that when an ultrafast laser impinges on a ferromagnet, its spin moment undergoes a dramatic change, but how it works remains a mystery. While the current experiment is still unable to resolve the minute details of the spin change, crystal momentum-resolved techniques have long been used to analyze(More)
Based on software radio theory, this paper focuses on researching a direct conversion structure for the radio frequency (RF) receiver front-end and tries to apply this flexible receiver front-end in MRI receiving system. In particular, we look at the conventional architecture of RF receiver front-ends of MRI; present architecture of a direct conversion for(More)
Sound source localization, as a hot topic of acoustics research, plays an important role in many applications of military and civilian. The design of sound source localization system based on FPGA introduced in this thesis takes EP3C25Q240C8 as the core hardware platform. Cooperating with the external microphone array and signal collect circuit, the(More)
Based on a certain type car, the finite element model for whole car was developed in which the space occupied by the 50th percentile Hybrid III dummy and safety-belt restraint system. According to the basic principle of the dynamic explicit non-linear FEM, an equation describing the rear-end crash process and finite element discretization equation were(More)
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