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This paper presents a study on solutions to the global minimization of polynomials. The backward differential flow by the K–T equation with respect to the optimization problem is introduced to deal with a ball-constrained optimization problem. The unconstrained optimization is reduced to a constrained optimization problem which can be solved by a backward(More)
This study presents an analysis of the cyclic nonlinearity in the homodyne interferometer starting from the interference principle. We present the design for an enhanced homodyne interferometer without DC offset, for which the nonlinearity model will not be influenced by the intensity of the measurement beam. Our experimental results show that the enhanced(More)
metric spaces and approximating fixed points of a pair of contractive type mappings M. Abbas, M. Jovanović, S. Radenović University of Belgrade School of Electrical Engineering http://www.etf.bg.ac.rs JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS, Vol. 13, No. 2, pp. 243253, Jan, 2011 References: Abstract: Recently, Chao Wang, Jinghao Zhu, Boško(More)