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a r t i c l e i n f o This research presents an integrated information processing model of phishing susceptibility grounded in the prior research in information process and interpersonal deception. We refine and validate the model using a sample of intended victims of an actual phishing attack. The data provides strong support for the model's theoretical(More)
Closed‐loop inverse kinematics (CLIK) algorithm mostly resolves the redundancy at the velocity level. In this paper we extend the CLIK algorithm to the acceleration level to meet some applications that require the joint accelerations. The redundancy resolutions at the velocities and acceleration levels via pseudoinverse method are analyzed respectively. The(More)
Three steroids and one nordammarane triterpenoid were isolated for the first time from the endophytic fungus Pichia guilliermondii Ppf9 derived from the medicinal plant Paris polyphylla var. yunnanensis. By means of physicochemical and spectrometric analysis, they were identified as ergosta-5,7,22-trienol (1), 5α,8α-epidioxyergosta-6,22-dien-3β-ol (2),(More)
Soil salinity is a major constraint to rice production. Understanding the genetic basis of salt tolerance is crucial for the improvement of salt tolerance through breeding. Previous quantitative trait locus (QTL) studies for salt tolerance were mainly derived from bi-parental segregating populations and relatively little is known about the results from(More)
This paper first presents a modeling method for a mobile humanoid robot whose upper human-like body is mounted on a mobile platform supported by three wheels (two driving wheels and one caster wheel). The upper body connects the platform by two-DOF joint and the wheeled platform moves on the ground subject to nonholonomic constraints. Then based on Lie(More)
This paper presents a redundant manipulator with a new application to relaxing human-body muscle fatigue. The environment between human-body and the manipulator end-effector is modeled as a mass-spring-damper system. Then the generalized impedance control method is used to control the manipulator in the task space as well as the null space. To get the(More)
When a mobile robot performs some special tasks, such as carrying a heavy load, moving on a slope or rough terrain, particularly contacting with the environment, it may become unstable even overturn. First, the paper presents a mobile humanoid robot whose upper human-like body is mounted on the mobile platform supported by three wheels (two driving wheels(More)
This paper presents a kind of method for the inverse kinematics of a seven degrees of freedom (DoF) arm installed on a mobile humanoid robot. Due to the redundancy of 7-DoF open-chain arm, the closed-loop inverse kinematics via pseudoinverse method is used to solve the corresponding joint trajectories if the end-effector trajectory is given. Because of the(More)
Reflexology is a kind of assisting physical care through massaging or applying pressure to parts of the feet where will reflect an image of the human body in order to improve general health of the human. Based on this principle, we propose a new application of 7-DOF(degree of freedom) redundant manipulator to do the massaging work for human feet with the(More)
Tracking a surface via the end-effector of a manipulator is a tough issue, one not only should implement the position and force control, but also monitor and sense the actual contacting state between the end-effector and the object's surface. In this paper, we present an approach integrating the tactile sensing with force-torque information as the feedback(More)