Jinggui Zhang

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We study both analytically and numerically the propagation dynamics of an initially chirped Airy pulse in an optical fiber. It is found that the linear propagation of an initially chirped Airy pulse depends considerably on whether the second-order dispersion parameter β(2) and chirp C have the same or opposite signs. For β(2)C<0, the chirped Airy pulse(More)
Soliton propagation direction can be engineered in optical fibers in the presence of high-order effects (HOEs). It is well known that Raman effects can decelerate the soliton. Here we investigate the manipulation of the deceleration or acceleration of soliton emitted from Airy pulse whose spectrum is imposed an initial quadratic phase modulation (QPM) in(More)
We report on the observation of central wavelength dynamics in an erbium-doped fiber ring laser by using the nonlinear polarization rotating technique. The evolution of central wavelength with the laser operation state was observed experimentally. Numerical simulations confirmed the experimental observation and further demonstrated that the dynamics of(More)
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