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Nitrogen (N) plays a critical role in plant growth and productivity and PTR/NRT1 transporters are critical for rice growth. In this study, OsPTR6, a PTR/NRT1 transporter, was over-expressed in the Nipponbare rice cultivar by Agrobacterium tumefaciens transformation using the ubiquitin (Ubi) promoter. Three single-copy T2 generation transgenic lines, named(More)
The morphological plasticity of root systems is critical for plant survival, and understanding the mechanisms underlying root adaptation to nitrogen (N) fluctuation is critical for sustainable agriculture; however, the molecular mechanism of N-dependent root growth in rice remains unclear. This study aimed to identify the role of the complementary(More)
The importance of the nitrate (NO3-) transporter for yield and nitrogen-use efficiency (NUE) in rice was previously demonstrated using map-based cloning. In this study, we enhanced the expression of the OsNRT2.1 gene, which encodes a high-affinity NO3- transporter, using a ubiquitin (Ubi) promoter and the NO3--inducible promoter of the OsNAR2.1 gene to(More)
Overexpression of OsNRT2.3b in rice can increase Pi uptake and accumulation through advanced root system, enhanced OsPT and OsPHR genes expression, and the phloem pH homeostasis. Nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) are two essential macronutrients for plants. Overexpression of the rice nitrate transporter, OsNRT2.3b, can improve rice grain yield and nitrogen(More)
The nitrate (NO3-) transporter has been selected as an important gene maker in the process of environmental adoption in rice cultivars. In this work, we transferred another native OsNAR2.1 promoter with driving OsNAR2.1 gene into rice plants. The transgenic lines with exogenous pOsNAR2.1:OsNAR2.1 constructs showed enhanced OsNAR2.1 expression level,(More)
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