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To avoid random and blindfold forwarding decision in Spray and Wait routing in delay tolerant network, Binary Spray and Wait routing based on average delivery probability is proposed in this paper. Based on delivery predictability of PROPHET, average delivery predictability is proposed and used in Binary Spray and Wait routing to make forwarding decision.(More)
To solve routing jitter problem in PROPHET in delay tolerant network, advanced PROPHET routing is proposed in this paper. Average delivery predictabilities are used in advanced PROPHET to avoid routing jitter. Furthermore, we evaluate it through simulations versus PROPHET routing protocol. The experimental results show there has higher average delivery(More)
Software structure is very important for software security. But it is very difficult to obtain software structure by software execution trace. In this paper, by researching system call sequences in the process of software execution, similar call graph is proposed. We present how to generate similar call graph by observed system call sequences. Based on(More)
Software defect prediction strives to improve software security by helping testers locate the software defects accurately. The data redundancy caused by the overmuch attributes in defects data set will make the prediction accuracy decrease. A model based on locally linear embedding and support vector machine (LLE-SVM) is proposed to solve this problem in(More)
The rapid development of mobile Internet has offered the opportunity for WiFi indoor positioning to come under the spotlight due to its low cost. However, nowadays the accuracy of WiFi indoor positioning cannot meet the demands of practical applications. To solve this problem, this paper proposes an improved WiFi indoor positioning algorithm by weighted(More)
In order to reflect the dynamic feature of situations and of peers' behavior more accurately, context information, which contains different attributes of situations, should be considered explicitly when evaluating trust. A context-aware trust establishment framework based on Bayesian networks is proposed. In our proposal, the contextual factors are inferred(More)
The storage operation of normal process in host system is analyzed and an anomaly intrusion detection method based on d-s evidence theory for storage system is proposed. The detector fuses multiple signatures of storage data to decide whether the storage operation flow is normal. Furthermore, six groups of light-computation signatures of storage operation(More)
Obfuscating technology is used widely in metamorphic malware and most of current detection methods fail to completely identify such ever-increasingly covert metamorphic malware. In this paper, system call sequences in the process of software execution are researched and metamorphic malware detection method based on aggregating emerging patterns is proposed.(More)