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The activation of cochlear progenitor cells is a promising approach for hair cell (HC) regeneration and hearing recovery. The mechanisms underlying the initiation of proliferation of postnatal cochlear progenitor cells and their transdifferentiation to HCs remain to be determined. We show that Notch inhibition initiates proliferation of supporting cells(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the expression of trefoil factor 3 (TFF3)with stromal cell-derived factor (SDF-1) and its receptor (CXCR4) in papillary thyroid carcinoma(PTC), and investigate the function of TFF3, SDF-1/ CXCR4 and the relationship among them during the tumor genesis,development and outcome of PTC. METHOD Detecting the expression of TFF3 and(More)
Cisplatin is widely used for chemotherapy of a variety of malignancies. However, the clinical application of cisplatin is hampered by the resultant irreversible hearing loss due to hair cell apoptosis. To date, no practical regimen to resolve this has been developed. Meanwhile, the role of microRNA in protecting hair cells from cisplatin-induced apoptosis(More)
This work sought to determine the crosstalk between the Notch and Wnt signaling pathways in regulating supporting cell (SC) proliferation and hair cell (HC) regeneration in mouse utricles. We cultured postnatal day (P)3 and P60 mouse utricles, damaged the HCs with gentamicin, and treated the utricles with the γ-secretase inhibitor DAPT to inhibit the Notch(More)
Traditional bistable stochastic resonance has been demonstrated as an effective tool to detect the weak signal in a strong noise background. To achieve a better signal-to-noise ratio for the output signal, a coupled stochastic resonance was developed by nonlinearly coupling two double-well potential systems. The response characteristics of coupled(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the levels of galectin-3 in the serum and surgical specimens from patients with malignant and benign thyroid lesions and explore their clinical significance. METHODS Serum samples were collected from 159 patients with thyroid neoplasms and 16 normal subjects for detection of galectin-3 level using ELISA. The expressions of(More)
UNLABELLED The generation of hair cells (HCs) from the differentiation of proliferating supporting cells (SCs) appears to be an ideal approach for replacing lost HCs in the cochlea and is promising for restoring hearing after damage to the organ of Corti. We show here that extensive proliferation of SCs followed by mitotic HC generation is achieved through(More)
The ability of nonmammalian vertebrates to regenerate hair cells (HCs) after damage-induced HC loss has stimulated and inspired research in the field of HC regeneration. The protein pRb encoded by retinoblastoma gene Rb1 forces sensory progenitor cells to exit cell cycle and maintain differentiated HCs and supporting cells (SCs) in a quiescent state. pRb(More)
OBJECTIVE Trefoil factor 3 plays a pivot role in oncogenic transformation, growth and metastatic extension of solid tumours besides mucosal protection. We screened the best siRNA sequence targeting human TFF3 by the transient-transfection of the lentiviral mediated shRNA into thyroid carcinoma K1 cells which secrete TFF3 themselves. METHOD Four siRNA(More)
The stability and hydrolysis kinetics of a phosphate prodrug, adefovir dipivoxil, in solid formulations were studied. The stability relationship between five solid formulations was explored. An autocatalytic mechanism for hydrolysis could be proposed according to the kinetic behavior which fits the Prout-Tompkins model well. For the classical kinetic models(More)